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  • All dogs over 5 months of age must be licensed. 

  • Licenses are valid for one (1) year (January through December) and must be renewed annually.

  • A copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate is required before a dog license can be issued.  You must provide a copy EVERY year and your copy will not be returned to you.

  • License applications received after March 31st, 2024 will have a $25 late fee assessed per dog.

Dog License Application Checklist:

  • Is this form filled out completely?

  • Have you enclosed a copy of the current rabies vaccination certificate for each dog?

  • Have you enclosed a check made payable to the Town of Aztalan?

  • To receive the dog tag(s) by mail, have you enclosed a self-addressed, stamped return envelope?

The license tag will be mailed to you upon receiving payment AND a valid rabies certificate. It is state law to have the license tag attached to the collar of the licensed animal. If you no longer own the dog/s, a written notice from the owner is requested to be sent to the Treasurer for updating records.

If you have more than 2 dogs check Jefferson County Zoning requirements, not all zones allow more than 2 dogs.

If you are unsure about the zoning district of your property, please contact

The Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Department at 920-674-7130.

Click here for a copy of the current year

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