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WI DNR Burning Permit

Before you light an outdoor fire, be sure to read the Burning Regulations and complete the online WI DNR Burning Permit application.  Please send a copy of your Burning Permit to


REMEMBER... before burning:

  • Contact Aztalan Town Chair (920-723-3557) and Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept (920-674-7310)

  • Read the entire permit and follow all the restrictions and safe burning recommendations listed on the permit.

  • Check local burning restrictions on Aztalan and/or Jefferson County websites.  Also, if out of Jefferson County area, check WI DNR daily burning restrictions online or call 1-888-WIS-BURN (947-2876) after 9am on the day of the burn.

  • Have the permit (paper or electronic) available to show law enforcement at any time while burning.

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